Reader: In defense of 3.2 beer

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In March 2011, Patricia Calhoun called for an end to 3.2 beer, which she referred to as a loser legacy of Prohibition.

A year later, 3.2 beer continues to survive in the Colorado marketplace, and one reader is mighty happy about it, as he makes clear in this belated post.

Parboy71 writes:

I like 3.2 beer...keeps the whistle wet. And no hangover....

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Brian Martinez
Brian Martinez

I beg to differ.  I'm pretty sure my worst hangovers in college came from drinking cheap, shitty 3.2% beer.  Although I'll admit that may have had more to do with the shittiness of the beer than the alcohol content!  "Pig's Eye", anyone?

Light Rail Tattler
Light Rail Tattler

Highly educated people will argue there is no difference between 3.2% and full strength Beer.Their argument is 3.2% Beer is measured by volume and full strength Beer is measured by weight. Full strength Beer is actually 3.2% by volume.One such believer of that argument was the owner of Acme Warehouse at East Colfax and Tower Road. Acme Warehouse is the largest warehouse in the world; the size of a football field.The owner of Acme Warehouse bought an entire warehouse full of short-dated 3.2% Beer on margin. He thought he could distribute the Beer to liquor stores as full strength Beer at a discount and make a lot of money because 3.2% Beer is full strength Beer.So the 3.2% beer went out in Acme Warehouse 18 wheelers to liquor stores everywhere and soon the warehouse was empty.The phone started ringing and every liquor store demanded Acme come pick up the Beer.The Acme Warehouse owner argued 3.2% is full strength Beer because it is measured by volume. The liquor stores told him he is a liar and not one single liquor store paid him.The owner of Acme Warehouse put a gun to his head and blew his brains out.

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