Bizarre classroom posters from the '70s, Part 3: Behold the roots of memes

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classroom posters 3 cropped.jpg
Big posters below.
It may be spring break for some students, but the rest of us are headed back to class -- way back to the 1970s, when discussion posters like these were created to prompt conversations (and confusion). Our first batch of rare finds featured captions. This one -- from the same set as our mind-warping second collection -- is sans words, so we've added our own captions. Feel free to do likewise: These strangely gorgeous illustrations are like 21st century memes decades before their time. Check them out below.

"I am NOT a slut for wearing a skirt this short! And what kind of a name is 'Rush Limbaugh' anyway?"

"Who knew a puppet not wearing pants would be anatomically correct?"

"Want to be more than friends, hot stuff?"

"I don't think he likes your Hai Karate."
Page down to see more bizarre '70s discussion posters!

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Ozzie Perch
Ozzie Perch

There must be captions as I have no clue as to the message! what weird school did you find these in?


Are you hiring? I would love to get paid to write funny captions.

Bruce Tanner
Bruce Tanner

This is good , fun & can be cruel & sarcastic reality...

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