Reader: Bongwater balloons are a lot easier to make than ones filled with urine

In our updated post about this past weekend's Fuck the Police march, a Denver Police spokesman told us he hadn't personally seen the hurling of urine-filled balloons, mentioned in some reports about the demonstration. That prompted questions about the mechanics of creating such projectiles -- and a suggested alternative from one reader.

Glockshot410 writes:

You place a balloon on the hole for your bong and blow air into it and then you have bongwater filled balloons!! Actually really easy and you dont even have to blow hard!!

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ya but how many hits does it take to make bong water? you make two balloons and then have to smoke two more bowls just to get bongwater again.

its probably a lil more efficient than urine of a beer drinker maybe 


I think some warm Natty Ice and a few roaches maintained at room temperature for a week would work nicely.

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