Cory Gardner co-stars in CBS access peddling investigation

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Cory Gardner.
Denver blog posts think you've been working too hard.

Colorado Pols shares a CBS video suggesting that some freshman Republican Congressmen who promised a new way of doing business are happily collecting perks. Featured: Cory Gardner.

At People's Press Collective, T.L. James shares the get-together of Kyrgyz Bloggers and the Independence Institute.

South Stands Denver's Colin D writes an open letter to Peyton Manning on behalf Denver as a whole. Thanks.

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Honestly, the CD4 demographic is weighted heavily enough toward the republicans to make this seat safe enough for Gardner to to anything he wants, short of musgrave antics.

It's a real head turner, though, and it kind of illustrates the ignorance of today's typical teabag republican.

Young cory came in on that "anti establishment" teabag wave in '10. The "evil guvmint" sentiment that railed against graft, greed, and excess in the "guvmint"

2 years later, gardner's engaging in this very thing, up to his eyeballs in lobbyist cronyism.

The good teabaggers in CD4 don't mind, after all cory is a republican.

Cue the "Deliverance" banjo music.

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