Readers disagree about whether Denver Diner incident was police brutality

Our most recent post about an alleged 2009 excessive force incident at the Denver Diner featured Colorado Progressive Coalition's Miriam Pena defining what went down as police brutality. One of our readers agrees, while another one doesn't -- but both express themselves with great passion. Here are their responses.

Sharpshooter writes:

Here's what's gonna happen: nothing. The cops will keep their jobs, and be even MORE empowered to abuse their authoriTAY because they got away with it multiple times before. One of 'em will kill a kid or an unarmed person, and then we'll see them removed from their position. For about three months! Meanwhile, they'll continue to draw a paycheck and laugh at the stupid ass civilians they beat and shoot. Bow to your overlords. worms! They get up early to beat the crowds!!

TRAV556 writes:

What brutality? The were not doing what the police told them to do and continued to approach them time after time. The Police would have been justified to shoot them. What would have happened if a pedestrian grabbed one of the officers guns?

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Light Rail Tattler
Light Rail Tattler

I looked at the video last time Westword put it up. I am unable to look at it again without flashplayer. I didn't see what looked like police brutality from the video the first time and no injury evidence was shown.I do not agree the police were justified to shoot if they wanted to.I know what goes on during Bar Rush at the Denver Diner.I don't know either of the off-duty cops but remember one of them had colorful tattoos that stood behind the counter that I saw while driving by.Those chicks were brought to the Denver Diner by Ped-a-Cab and I know the drivers drive to entertain and impress; they drive crazy. I would guess probably correct the chicks heads were spinning, they were getting sick and needed to get in the restroom. There was a long line of chicks from the Bars that needed to pee real bad and these chicks from the ped-a-cab tried to get in ahead of the chicks in line because they were getting sick and a disturbance occured. Normal Bar Rush on the weekend at Denver Diner and Pete's Kitchen.

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