Denver Post crime staff shorthanded, wants thugs to take it easy this week

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john ingold.jpg
John Ingold.
A short time ago, John Ingold, a courts and crime reporter for the Denver Post, used his Twitter account to make a hilarious request of scofflaws in the immediate area.

The gist: The paper's crime staff is shorthanded right now, so if you're planning something big, could you postpone it for a few days? Here's the tweet in question:

Will criminals heed this plea? Or will those law-breakers who crave publicity be just as happy to be spotlighted on TV? Only time will tell -- but for the sake of potential victims, law enforcers and the citizenry as a whole, not to mention the Post staff, let's hope you bad boys and girls out there will give it a rest for a while.

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I'm guessing Sara Burnett is in Hawaii on what's left of her Rocky Mountain News buyout and now what the Post is paying her and others.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Michael, please do not ever again give this hack space in WW.  While the Post garbles and misrepresents what little local news they do cover, their coverage of crime is particularly egregious.  I just witnessed police supervisors evince every intention of running down three protesters in the bus lane in front of Civic Center Park yesterday -- the driver pointed his SUV at them and accelerated, nearly striking them.  This had the desired effect, as all three scambled out of the way; no one was hurt, but the police are not exempt from the laws against vehicular assault.  When the DPD can wage a campaign of intimidation and false arrest under cover of a media blackout, there is more than a little wrong with it, with the DP, and with Denver.


Here's a tweet that I'd like to see:  Citizens of Denver!  It appears that because at least 85% of the Denver Post stories are wire copy, that the majority of staff is on an extended 3-year furlough.  If you are thinking of doing something newsworthy, contact the Salt Lake City bureau of the Associated Press.


Well, if Robert Chase saw it, that's the kind of clear-eyed -- chuckle, chuckle -- objectivity any news organization should respect and put on their front page. Robert, if you ever get the joke you've made out of yourself by taking such moral stands as legal weed, your right to call our city's African-American mayor an "Oreo," and shitting in parks (hello, occupiers), then you'll die laughing. I suspect the press treats you with the dignity and respect you so obviously deserve, which explains your constant denigration of anybody who doesn't get how wonderful -- chuckle, chuckle -- you are. Poor, poor little Bobby. 

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Oh, so it's OK that DPD supervisors committed vehicular assault in broad dayligjht, because I saw it?

Your silly caricature appeals to any number of Denver's reading-impaired, mindless majority -- I try to address people with functioning brains.

Colorado does not have a functioning journalistic establishment, and if declaring that fact makes me persona non grata at the Post, so be it.

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