Frontier's next animal mascot could be a dung beetle -- really

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doug the dung beetle small.jpg
Big photos below.
Frontier Airlines may be facing business turbulence, but that hasn't stopped the carrier from launching its weirdest promotion yet. Frontier is asking visitors to its website and Facebook page to vote for its next animal mascot, with possibilities including Samson the Sloth and Melvin the Turtle, who hardly symbolize on-time service, and Doug the Dung Beetle, a guy with a rep that really stinks. Check out all eighteen candidates below.

alivina the owl.jpg

cammie the cow.jpg

chloe the chipmunk.jpg
Page down to see more Frontier animal contestants!

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How about Greyface, The Space Alien Animal-Like Thing That Lives In The Tunnels Under DIA and Eats Your Children?

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Good one, Rain. We're going to make your suggestion an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats, and thanks.

Nick Lucchesi
Nick Lucchesi

I wish I could give this comment two "likes."

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