Hyung Kyo Chung, Shannon Jeffrey get probation in case of puppy with broken bones

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Back in January, prosecutors said they wanted Hyung Kyo Chung and Shannon Jeffrey to spend time in jail after being convicted of animal cruelty for mistreating their puppy, Bailey.

In the end, though, the couple earned probation even though the dog suffered two bone breaks within his first six months of life.

The case, as reported by KKTV in Colorado Springs, dates back to June 2011, when Chung and Jeffrey took Bailey, a French bulldog, for a medical checkup.

The veterinarian in question didn't have a hard time discovering problems. Bailey had a broken jaw -- an injury that suggested he'd been kicked in the face. In addition, Bailey's collar bone had been broken some time earlier.

These injuries, combined with Bailey's youth, raised red flags, and so did Chung's alleged explanation for the most recent incident. He's said to have told an animal control officer that someone had fallen on the puppy during a party the previous evening. But neither he nor Jeffrey rushed to get him the medical care he so desperately needed. Jeffrey insisted that she didn't have a car to take Bailey to the vet during the daytime, so she had to wait until Chung returned from work. (They eventually arrived at around 6:30 p.m.) For his part, Chung blamed heavy drinking for his tardiness.

This explanation didn't prevent Chung and Jeffrey from being convicted in January for failing to provide Bailey with proper veterinary care. But their just-imposed sentence doesn't include a stint behind bars. Instead, they earned twelve months of unsupervised probation, supplemented by $6,805 in restitution and 24 hours of community service. In addition, Chung has been ordered to attend anger management classes.

Oh yeah: While they're on probation, the two are precluded from owning any pets. Good thing.

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I hope "those shitbags" got bailey back and buried his troublesome ass.


What a bunch of wieners you all are, are yu seriously considering a jail sentence ? Drunken china man falls onto an ugly dog "hahahahahaha" they take him to the vet and everything, and this ends up costing them 7G ?!? From now in in this slavenerd country nothing surprises me. He's kicking himself for not brining it with a shovel and telling the nosey honkies he ran away.


How this person only got probation for almost killing a puppy.The dog wasn't a year old before the dog had a broken collar bone and jaw bone.If you don't have patience to deal with a dogs you shouldn't have one.


Precluded from owning pets, more than likely they dont get to keep the puppy thank god

Chelsea Scott
Chelsea Scott

I hope the dog was taken away from these two.


You got that right Chelsea.

Anybody have any info on what happened toBailey?

Do these shitbags get him back?

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