Reader: Bars and restaurants enable impaired drivers even when not serving minors

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Our post about an Englewood Police operation in which 28 percent of businesses that sell alcohol served minors (by contrast, no medical marijuana operations have been cited for similar offenses) revved up debate about responsible practices. One reader believes even those bars and restaurants that properly card underage patrons deserve scrutiny.

GetReal writes:

In addition, these same bars and restaurants continue to enable impaired drivers on the road. More than ever, people continue to drive up to these places, go in, get impaired, then drive off. Yeah, I know about the DUI laws, but they don't seem to be working. Check you local news for more information.

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Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Our society's policies regarding the use of drugs are almost the diametric opposite of what they should be if public health and safety are our goals -- the most dangerous drugs are legal and use of the least dangerous is felonious.  All the lies about recreational drugs harm us far more than all drugs combined and benefit no one but prohibitionist parasites.  Our District Attorneys and police have become more dangerous to our civil liberties and to public health and safety than the most extreme caricatures of scummy drug-pushers by orders of magnitude.


If Mr. King is serious about keeping the roads safe, maybe he should look into this problem.  But, I sure that would be far too challenging for him...better to spend time on the drivers causing far fewer problems on the road.  Again, I get my view from what I see being reported in the news. Almost daily I see reports of drunks causing problems on the road, rarely do I see reports of other substances causing problems.

No, I DO NOT support anyone driving impaired under ANY substance.  It just seems to me that the larger issue is being ignored in favor of a far lesser problem.

Revoke all liquor licenses for every establishment except for liquor stores and I have not doubt the roads would become much safer almost overnight.

Yes, people will still drink and drive, but why make it easy for them?  Stop the insanity!

Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford

 ...and let's require an Alcohol Card for drinkers as well.

You know, "Regulate Alcohol Like Marijuana" and all that...


 So, do you have any actual facts to add in your rebuttal or are you stratified with unrelated ramblings?  :)

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