Jess Vigil named to new Department of Safety position to oversee police discipline

jess vigil.jpg
Jess Vigil.
In an attempt to improve the public's trust in the police and the department's disciplinary review system, Manager of Safety Alex Martinez announced the creation of a new position within his office. Former district and country judge Jess Vigil will join the police review process as the deputy manager of police discipline. Beginning in April, Vigil will documents, offer recommendations and oversee disciplinary procedure during investigations in hopes of increasing accountability and efficiency.

Martinez began a press conference yesterday by hailing the Independent Monitor's most recent report as a success in which the Denver Police Department "did very well" this year. He then noted that he'd looked specifically for a candidate with litigation experience, stating he preferred someone who had previously acted as a judge. As a retired judge in the 17th Judicial District, Vigil has done both, serving in district court for thirteen years and seven in Adams County Court in addition to time as a private attorney and a public defender.

Alex Martinez at an earlier press conference announcing his naming as Manager of Safety.
With the creation of the new position, the latest of many changes in the DPD's roster, Martinez and deputy manager Ashley Kilroy hope for added efficiency during disciplinary reviews and an additional viewpoint on the issues. Standing immediately in front of Police Chief Robert White, Martinez promised "better quality" in a "quicker fashion."

"There have been a lot of delays in the (review) process, where a case comes and needs to be reviewed in fifteen days," Martinez admitted yesterday. "Some of these cannot possibly be reviewed in that time." But now, with the addition of Vigil, he says, "We're going to do it in fifteen days, and we're going to do it because we'll be fully informed when that fifteen-day period commences."

The appointment is the newest addition in White's plan, with Martinez's assistance, to revitalize the police department. In February, he began with a plan to cut administrative jobs in favor of adding seventy officers to Denver streets. Vigil's appointment came at the same time as White and Martinez announced that Chief Mary Beth Klee, part of the DPD since 1983, will command the department's Internal Affairs bureau. Klee has already initiated a search for the twelve sergeants who will act as investigators below her. Her ability to do so is a recent addition to the job.

While White suggested both decisions are part of an effort to encourage the Denver community to place trust in its police officers, the announcements come only one day after another significant one: As of Monday evening, police officers Ricky Nixon and Kevin Devine, released from duty after allegations of police brutality at the Denver Diner in 2009, learned can return to the force even though city attorneys plan to appeal a Civil Service Commission decision to reinstate them.

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Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

Corrupt Criminal Cops deserve TWICE the prison sentence that an ordinary citizen would receive for the same offense !!

Make it so !!

Bob Smith
Bob Smith

In other words, color the new cover-ups the same old sick shade of blue.

And how did Martinez claim the Monitor's report made DPD look good? He bitched about it originally, now he loves it? Did he just ignore the part about Federal investigation? A spinmeister as Mgr of Safety; now that's setting a good example.


Nope. This isn't going to fix anything.

I've said it before, and will say it again: at this point, the only option is "denazification": Bring in Fed oversight, fire pretty much everyone at DPD, and rebuild it from scratch.


 "There's a small faction of this community that questions our ability to discipline ourselves."

Yeah....the small fraction that doesn't wear a badge and beat the shit out of civilians for a living. Charles Garcia, we hardly knew ye. I hope the city has a good health plan, there going to be a lot of repetitve motion disorders from all the rubber stamping that's about to happen. I haven't seen this much lip service since Lewinsky was an intern!

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