John Ramsey: Mixed messages about child pageants on Nightline, GMA

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Headlines spurred by John Ramsey's promotional blitz on behalf of his new book, The Other Side of Suffering, have focused not on the potential identity of the person who killed his young daughter, JonBenet, in Boulder circa 1996, but on his negative comments about child beauty pageants and the Toddlers & Tiaras phenomenon. But a closer look at the clips shows that the message Ramsey delivers on the topic is quite mixed.

The Nightline segment is the most critical, with Ramsey branding the TLC program, and the scene it captures, as "bizarre." But when it comes to his family's decision to let JonBenet compete in pageants, Ramsey express regret "only because that might have drawn attention to us" -- the implication being that the murderer may have targeted her after seeing her in such a show.

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JonBenet in pageant mode.
"I think advice to a parent is, just recognize that no matter where you live, there could be evil around you, and don't be naive about it.... Be a little more aware than we were that not everyone around you is a nice, good person," he adds.

These comments make perfect sense from the perspective of a man whose daughter was slain by what he's long insisted was a mysterious intruder. But it's not the same as a blast at the creepy sexualization of children that pageant detractors cite.

Ramsey's interview on Good Morning America further undermines the implication that he's become a prime attacker of these spectacles. He concedes that "I saw an element of competitiveness that I thought was unhealthy," but stresses that his wife Patsy approached the events in a spirit of fun, not weirdness. And then, he reveals that he still carries an award JonBenet won in a talent contest shortly before her death, pulling it from his wallet to display to host Robin Roberts.

This moment hardly exposes the dark side of kid pageantry. Indeed, it could practically be a plug for the whole notion.

Watch the clips here. The Nightline embed may feature a small cut-out section for some viewers, but it should still play.

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Did anyone else notice that he called his daughter "the child"? That was really weird to me. I'm a parent, I dont' refer to either of my kids as "the child", and certainly wouldn't be MORE apt to do so if one had been murdered. I do have affectacious names for my kids, of course, I think most parents do, but to call your DAUGHTER "the child"? WTF, John Ramsey? That kind of disinterested distancing of yourself from your progeny only reinforces my belief that you or Patsy had WAAAAYYY more knowledge of what happened to your daughter, oh I'm sorry, "the child", than you ever let on. In fact, it makes me think that you or Patsy or Blake killed her, or that one of you did the deed and the others helped cover it up. Something is wrong with you, mister, and this case still stinks. If you killed "the child", or had something to do with her death, I hope you are tormented every night with visions of her. That poor little girl never did anything wrong, except being born into a family of duplicitous, icy hearted weirdos. Sleep well, John. 


Dont try to grow a brain John. the foreign terrorist faction SBTC is still watching you!!! 

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

The killer-mommy Patsy also referred to her daughter as "that child" during TV interviews shortly after the murder.

Classic psycho-defensive dissociation.


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