Reader: John Walsh's claim that he's going after MMCs near schools for the kids is a diaper load

John Walsh.
U.S. Attorney John Walsh's response to Boulder DA Stan Garnett, who publicly criticized the office's closure-threat letters to medical marijuana dispensaries within 1,000 feet of schools, stirred up our readership big-time. Here's an example from a reader irritated that Walsh insisted on putting the phrase "medical marijuana" in quotes.

Bouncingsoul writes:

Somehow I doubt he's as pure and innocent as his pose in this picture suggests. He looks like he thinks he's been "sent from above" to "do good," you know, "for the children." Yes, I can put things in quotes too to suggest it's a diaper load. He placed medical marijuana in quotes, as if it doesn't really exist, except in our minds. If done properly, there won't be any issues between dispensaries and schools. I guarantee it's easier for a minor to get into a liquor store than a dispensary. Thank you for your courage to take a stand and protect our state's freedoms, Mr. Garnett. I think it's pretty obvious Colorado has made its choice. (Except Fort Collins, who are way too worried about their "image" as "best place to live." They should consider an MMJ patient's quality of life for five seconds before jumping on the bandwagon.)

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Colorado Mmj Patient
Colorado Mmj Patient

"Save the children !!!" ... "Save the children!!!"

43 children have died under the supervision of Colorado's child welfare system the last 5 years:

100 people die a day from prescription drug use and abuse. 100 A DAY !!!

10s of thousands, including children, die or are injured in alcohol related accidents.

100s of children die from TVs and furniture falling on them.

Swimming pools are a much bigger danger to children than mmj.

"Save the children !!!" ... "Save the children!!!"

I just love sound bite wisdom, don't you ? Apparently, the 10th

Amendment and the people and Constitution of Colorado mean nothing if

you just want to save the children.  Since when did the criminal statutes apply to State licensed businesses ?

Wouldn't it be refreshing to have those who suck on the taxpayers tit demonstrate something other than ignorance ? 

Love the "Roach" (DEA) saying that mj has NO medical use. Her kids will

get their drugs at school like everyone else's - and like I did years

before there were dispensaries to blame.




Every dispensary I've been to looks at my MMJ card AND my CO license, even if the people working there recognize me from a previous visit.  Less than 30% of liquor stores and bars card me (maybe because I look like an old foagie, but you get the point).   Walsh is full of shit.  

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

So you support teenagers and children having full access to marijuana -- a harmless plant as many promoters claim -- right?

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