Videos: Make Kony Famous group, fans want Tim Tebow to denounce Joseph Kony

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Videos below.
Right now, Tim Tebow is watching the Denver Broncos' attempt to sign Peyton Manning -- a deal that would supplant him as the team's starting quarterback. But many YouTube watchers want him to watch something else -- videos exhorting him to help make murderous Ugandan strongman Joseph Kony famous. And the folks behind the campaign have targeted him as well.

For the handful of you who remain out of the loop regarding this viral phenomenon, an organization dubbed Invisible Children came up with a novel approach to attracting attention to Kony, who's wanted for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court. The idea? To make Kony famous. As such, it's developed a Kony 2012 campaign that beseeches cultural icons, among others, to speak out against this global villain -- and as you can see by the image below, Tebow (along with such notables as Bono, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Warren Buffett and others) is among them:

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The Chosen One also gets a close-up in the video itself, which had received 60 million views by this past Friday according to Fox News, and plenty more since then. It's on view below; the Tebow moment takes place just past the 23 minute mark.

The focus on Tebow has inspired a number of his fans to take to YouTube to personally beseech him to speak out against Kony. Several of those clips are collected underneath the original video, with the first three being serious and sincere and the last qualifying as satirical, since it depicts a news report "revealing" that Tebow killed Kony with a single shot.


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He Mike, you dumb fuck, why are you promoting another resource grab by the UN?


this whole thing is about Ugandan oil, and creating a new "war on terror" in Africa.

Kony is the new Bin Laden.

Who are the three signatories on the letter to Obama giving him a "mandate" to send military out there?



You are a total idiot. There is not one single mention of oil in the cause. Kony is a terrible person who should be stopped. Now making him famous may not be the right answer however it has made over 60 million people aware of this crime against humanity. Not everything in the world revolves around oil.

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