Reader: Conservatives and liberals alike can agree on need for marijuana reform

Our post about the majority-plus support for marijuana regulation at the Denver County Republican Assembly noted that it contradicted the commonly held belief that all conservatives are anti-cannabis.

One reader thinks that myth is beginning to crumble.

RichDream88 writes:

As a '420 Conservative' myself, I am both pleased and encouraged by the emerging trend of growing Conservative support for 420 legal regulation not only locally, but nationally as well. Colorado is the first state to assign an entire section of its Department of Revenue to oversee and regulate legal medical 420 activities. The successful models being demonstrated by the Centennial State continue to demonstrate the forward thinking approach and its benefits for the state's citizens and economy.

I think that Conservatives in general appreciate and respect the capitalistic aspect of the emerging industry, regardless of how they might feel about it ethically or morally. In my own experience, I've seen conservatives, moderates & progressives set aside ALL political differences in the greater interest of working together toward the goal of legal 420 regulation here in Colorado. And the countless hours of hard work and execution by movement pioneers like Mason, continue to inspire and enlighten the rest of us.

Its been really refreshing to not only find an issue that unites politically passionate people from across the spectrum, but also to know that in our ideologically bombastic society today, everyday, common people can still work together on a grass roots level to affect change and progress for the better.

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Whether Amendment 64 passes, or the best dispensary in Denver remains a competitive goal for Colorado dispensaries, Colorado will continue to break the walls down of the 420 related 'house of cards' until it eventually is either transparent to all perspectives and thus falls, or vice versa. 

In the past decade, Colorado dispensaries and medical marijuana regulations have emerged and improved, through trial and error. There is no sign of anything going away, just signs of growth and vitality in the movement. And while the competition to be the best dispensary in Denver remains, or possibly switches to simply the best provider of medical marijuana in Colorado after Amendment 64, our economy and remaining sanity will provide the path for the nation to follow.

Exciting times we live in!


The whole marijuana Prohibition movement is propped up by propaganda.  One good shove and it could go down like a house of cards.  Marijuana prohibition is built on a foundation of sand (Lies).  It looks like Colorado can well be the straw that breaks it's back!Congratulations to the people of Colorado and your representatives.LEAP member, NYPD, ret.

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