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On Saturday, at age six months and one day, Occupy Denver rallied downtown to protest police brutality. More than 100 people gathered with signs and chants for one in a handful of protests dedicated to the topic in the past week. Although relationships between Occupy Denver and the Denver Police Department have gradually soured during the movement's history, the march focused outward on high-profile cases such as Alexander Landau and victims of the Denver Diner incident.

At 11 a.m., the group began the day with a teach-in devoted to nonviolent protest tactics. Early fliers for the event urged peaceful interactions, which the group maintained throughout the event. Materials distributed during the rally warned against the police, calling the force a "terrorist group at large." Photos of Alexander Landau's bloody face taken immediately after he was beaten in 2009 featured heavily in the message.

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Kelsey Whipple
Occupy Denver marches against police brutality.
Although Sharpies made their way through the congregation so that protesters could write a legal hotline number on their bodies to prepare for arrest, no one was taken into custody. Starting and ending at Lincoln Park, Occupy Denver's temporary home, the march lasted an hour and a half as protesters trailed through downtown with flags, peace signs and banners protesting brutality. Chants of "No justice, no peace, fuck the police," trailed behind them.

During speeches commemorating the occasion, protesters name-checked Landau, the Denver Diner victims and the DPD members involved in those incidents, noting that one of them, Officer Ricky Nixon, was part of both. "Incidents like these are the reason why we work toward change," protester Patrick Boyle told the crowd, accompanied by police on horses, motorcycles, and bicycles as well as in cars. "The city paid millions of dollars last year to settle police brutality cases, but they should never have happened in the first place. This kind of police culture cannot continue."

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Kelsey Whipple
During speeches next to the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center, a man stands hooded in protest.
The next day, several hundred Coloradans met in City Park for another call to action, albeit impromptu. Dedicated to Trayvon Martin, an African-American teen shot to death in Florida on February 26, the meeting gathered steam on Facebook with little advance planning.

At 4 p.m. today, the Colorado Progression will host a march against police brutality, both to support Martin and continue to raise awareness in its efforts to persuade the Department of Justice to investigate the Denver Police Department. Landau will attend the event, as will family members of Michael DeHerrera, also hospitalized after an encounter with local police.

Click through for additional photos of Saturday's march.

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This is old going to comment any way Patrick Boyle is a paid activist. He is fake. He is one of many who showed up after the scariest moments of occupy. Fucking pathetic little freak. 

Grim Reapper
Grim Reapper

Think about it.  The Tea Party?  What have they trained you to feel about them?  I this case the Media not only took them over, but they also changed their message.  Now thats power.  When you can take a movement, mid flight, corrupt its message, and then make everyone not realize it has happened...they are pure evil.  "Social re-engineering"....what a concept, to take a society and make them believe what is actually bad for them is actually good!  Now lets looke at the Minutemen on the TX border.  A group of Sr Citizens watching illegals from lawn chairs with bioculars!   You would have thought they were an angry group of rebels, hungry for blood!  Instead they are actually the geriatric crowd just phoning in complaints about illegal crossings!  We are all being duped by our GOVT, and there controlled Media.  People that speak out are squashed, and they make us feel good about it.  Like man we sure need to get those guys!  Its all lies, and it started when we were little, they have gotten better and more ruthless as time has gone by.  We all live in a time where they have become experts at illusion and misleading the public.  Welcome to the Matrix

Grim Reapper
Grim Reapper

The movement is based on good ideas.  The EVIL media and their corporate sponsors have made the movement become one for flakes and nuts. Thus making the everyday person feel that they aren't part of it, when in reality its for them!  Wake up people the GOVT is attacking you in the form of the Media.  Everything you hear on TV, is blended for you to hear wht they want you to hear.  Take the Red pill from Morpheous...It will set you free!


Yeah, life isn't the Disneyland love-fest we were all brought up to expect.  Get used to it.  By the way, you seem to have watched the Matrix too many times.  

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Strong takes, Grim Reaper. We're going to feature them in an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats.

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