Reader: Pat Robertson's not being Christian by wishing for Peyton Manning injury

Pat Robertson.
Following Tim Tebow's trade to the New York Jets, televangelist Pat Robertson blasted the Broncos, suggesting that if Peyton Manning, who is coming off multiple neck surgeries, gets hurt, the team will deserve it.

This sentiment drew a sharp rebuke from one reader with what appears to be a different take on Christian compassion than Robertson's.

Huh writes:

It's the Christian Way: Wish a debilitating spinal injury on anyone who slights your fellow Christian.

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People are people..... You have people that "say things". We all are imperfect. Let us give grace to one another and move on....

Jim Garten
Jim Garten

I sincerely believe (as a Christian) that God has far more important things to worry about than Tebow being traded


I have to agree completely with "Huh" on this. His words were to the point.

I have no doubt he's referring to today's christian mind set. The aggressive, punch in the nose, "our way or the highway" predatory and attention seeking evangelical attitude.

Robertson and Fallwell figured out clear back in the'70's that there is a demographic out there that, while none too bright, has a deeply felt belief system, rooted in Calvinism, the more macabre parts of the Bible's Old Testament, and the old "eye for an eye" approach.

Never mind What Christ taught, how he lived, what he stood for. Today's christian dogma has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

Or decency.

Huh makes a great point.

The moonbats, tricycle riders, zealots, propeller hats, loons, and hacks that make up today's evangelical conservative demographic are exactly who Robertson is speaking to. They're the same people that overlooked Tebow's inability to play the quarterback position because he's "one of them".

There are plenty of people out there that think like the old gasbag Robertson.

That Manning and the Broncos should suffer because they "slighted the chosen one".

Now they're Jets fans.

Next year............Jag's? Dolphins?

Doesn't matter. 

Tim will allways be one team away, one season away from competence.

But they don't care about that. Ability's not the issue

What's it about?

It's about him being "one of them".

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