Meet Peter Tebow, Tim's older brother, ministry leader and local church star

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Peter Tebow.
Tim Tebow drew a crowd of 4,000 fans when he made a guest appearance at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas on Saturday. But he's not the only Tebow to be making his mark from the pulpit.

The weekend before, Tim's older brother, 27-year-old Peter Tebow, delivered his first sermon at Highline Community Church in Littleton. And while he attracted a significantly smaller throng than did his famous sibling, he's seen as a rising star in the Christian worship community.

On February 26, Highline's regular congregation was bolstered by members of Peter's young adult ministry, which he started last November. During the ministry's early days, Peter was preaching to a fifteen members who met Friday evenings in a small living room. Within a month, however, the group had grown to almost 100 young adults, forcing it to relocate to a larger space at the church.

Prior to the service, Peter tweeted to his approximately 6,500 followers (so far), expressing his uneasiness:

Early that Sunday morning, when Denver was still sleeping, Peter was awake, nervously preparing a 45-minute talk. In his speech, he would speak of his internal battle with an addiction, of God, and of what it was like growing up in a Christian household.

On my quest to understand the off-the-football-field persona of Tim Tebow -- and the story behind his signature bow, "tebowing" -- I found myself sitting in a pew at Highline at 10:15 that morning.

Unfortunately, the rest of theTebow family couldn't make it because of their busy traveling schedules; Tim spent the evening at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in Los Angeles, where he met Taylor Swift, his reported dinner date the next night. Regardless, I was excited to be in the presence of someone so close to Tim, but also nervous, because I hadn't attended a traditional church service in over a decade.

I took the RTD bus into Littleton, passing by four other churches within a five-mile radius along University Boulevard. Some of the other passengers on the bus were clearly dressed for formal church services -- I was in jeans. The bus let us off in front of our respective churches, and upon my arrival, I was relieved to find that the other Highline members were dressed casually, too.

Page down for more about Peter Tebow and a photo from his sermon.

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The Fox
The Fox

What was the addiction Peter Tebow talked about? 

rob marshall
rob marshall

Nice job Westword. very objective. them tebows seem like good guys.wishing them the best!


So both Bobby's boys are on the circuit.

Paydays for the lads, pimpin a predatory, for profit evangelical denomination that espouses the calvinst "Bein' rich is proof God loves ya" message

The Bob Tebow Ministries is a virtual juggernaut in the christian evangelical industrial complex, a money making monster that makes the catholics look like short con operators.

Question............When's that "legendary work ethic" gonna hit the field, workin' on the skills so lacking in young Gantry's game?.

Betcha the football side of the building out at Dove Valley'd love to know the answer to that one.


what an awesome job.

i read the bible  (critically) every day. 

i doubt they would ever let me on stage though.

its not about being a christian, its about being clean cut, and non controversial. 

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

"... he's seen as a rising star in the Christian worship community"?!?

There are weighty issues of direct import for the safety of the citizens, the quality of life, and the future of Denver which are being completely ignored by the mainstream media and are barely touched by WW's reporting heretofore.  Colorado desperately needs investigative journalists!

"... the domination I grew up in ..." -- did he actually say that, or did you mean "denomination"?


 I think it was alcohol, but I'm not sure.


no, it's about believing and living it.

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