Meet Peter Tebow, Tim's older brother, ministry leader and local church star

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Peter Tebow delivering his sermon at Highline Community Church.
Not suprisingly, Peter made references to Corinthians 15:10 -- growing up in a Christian household, that's how he relates to the world. In his sermon, he said, "Gosh, I grew up in the South, and the denomination I grew up in, man, when I was a kid, we went around knocking on doors and trying to lead people to Jesus, ya know. I was probably fifteen years old doing that. The first sermon I ever preached, I was sixteen-years old and it was in Jamaica in this big, like, cathedral. And with a pulpit that was way raised up, like literally where you're like eye to eye with the balcony.

"And on the other hand, there was the dark side," he continued. "There were the addictions, the internal battle. There was the side I wanted everyone to see: 'It's Preacher Peter! And then there was this other guy. I didn't like that guy. This other guy killed me. See, this guy was addicted. He struggled. He put on a good face on the outside, and then he'd go home and be all alone."

Following the sermon, I had a chance to sit with some of the young adults from Peter's ministry. One member of his young adult ministry described Peter in two words: "passionate" and "authentic." After seeing him deliver his sermon, I could see what she meant.

The way he delivered his sermon recalled one of Michael Jackson's live performances of "Man in The Mirror." The crew literally had to drag Michael from the stage after he managed to extend the song by three minutes, shouting his signature moans and completely consumed by his dance moves. Some would say he wasn't sensible, and that's usually the case when passion takes the stage.

Okay, so I'm clearly exaggerating. But like Michael, Peter expressed a similar surge in emotion. The microphone hooked to his sweater would continuously move out of place when his emotions were at a peak, raising his arms and tightly gripping the edge of the lectern. And each time he was brought back to his sensibility, he seemed a little embarrassed.

"I'm working really hard at this thing," he said in his sermon. "I love it. I love what I get to do and I'm working hard at it. I love the conversations I get to have.... I loved sitting there Friday night after I preached my heart out. And meeting all these guys and girls and encouraging them, I love it!"

Today, in between the prayers and religious references, I found a guy filled with energy and passion. I found a guy brave enough to share his struggles with a room full of complete strangers, making it a little bit easier for everyone else to open up about their problems, too. And I found someone, like Tim, who everyday serves as a mentor for young adults and children who would be otherwise lost in a sometimes loveless world.

"My Dad always used to say, 'Peter, love is choosing the best interest of another and acting on their behalf," he allowed. "The other day, I got to sit there alongside one of our young adults as she for the first time met her biological father. And I sat there across the table for moral support."

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The Fox
The Fox

What was the addiction Peter Tebow talked about? 

rob marshall
rob marshall

Nice job Westword. very objective. them tebows seem like good guys.wishing them the best!


So both Bobby's boys are on the circuit.

Paydays for the lads, pimpin a predatory, for profit evangelical denomination that espouses the calvinst "Bein' rich is proof God loves ya" message

The Bob Tebow Ministries is a virtual juggernaut in the christian evangelical industrial complex, a money making monster that makes the catholics look like short con operators.

Question............When's that "legendary work ethic" gonna hit the field, workin' on the skills so lacking in young Gantry's game?.

Betcha the football side of the building out at Dove Valley'd love to know the answer to that one.


what an awesome job.

i read the bible  (critically) every day. 

i doubt they would ever let me on stage though.

its not about being a christian, its about being clean cut, and non controversial. 

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

"... he's seen as a rising star in the Christian worship community"?!?

There are weighty issues of direct import for the safety of the citizens, the quality of life, and the future of Denver which are being completely ignored by the mainstream media and are barely touched by WW's reporting heretofore.  Colorado desperately needs investigative journalists!

"... the domination I grew up in ..." -- did he actually say that, or did you mean "denomination"?


 I think it was alcohol, but I'm not sure.


no, it's about believing and living it.

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