Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant deal between Rockwell and feds turns twenty today

In June 1989, the FBI led a spectacular dawn raid on Rocky Flats, then an operating nuclear weapons plant sixteen miles northwest of Denver, to collect evidence of alleged environmental crimes. A special grand jury wanted to indict eight individuals. But instead, the government cut a deal with Rockwell International, which operated Rocky Flats, on March 26, 1992.

By then, U.S. Attorney Mike Norton had told the grand jurors to go home, and the deal was made behind closed doors. Rockwell signed a five-page agreement with the Department of Justice, pleading guilty to ten environmental crimes and agreeing to pay a fine of $18.5 million. In return, the government promised not to bring any further environmental criminal charges against the corporation or its officers, directors or employees stemming from Rockwell's management of Rocky Flats. In addition, the feds pledged not to sue or take other administrative action against Rockwell based on violations of certain environmental statutes.

But twenty years later, this case is not closed.

Many of the grand jurors are still hoping to tell their story publicly; the closest they've come is a September 1992 cover story in Westword that described how they were stymied in their pursuit of justice. Grand jury foreman Wes McKinley, now a state rep, joined with John Lipsky, the FBI agent who led the raid and had been investigating Rocky Flats for months before that, on The Ambushed Grand Jury, a book that told how justice had been denied at Rocky Flats.

Lipsky also testified at the class-action case that property-owners had filed against Rockwell and Dow Chemical, the earlier operator of the plant. The plaintiffs won that case, but more than twenty years later, it's still mired in appeals.

Rocky Flats itself is being turned into a wildlife refuge; a deal to add open space on the southwest corner in exchange for letting the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority take a right-of-way on the east for a toll road has also stalled in the courts.

Like plutonium, the saga of Rocky Flats lasts forever.

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Curtis Bunce
Curtis Bunce

To whom it may concern: ROCKY FLATS PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!!!!We have huge problems and threats right here in our own back yard. Please take note of the following link. http://www.ambushedgrandjury.c... I recently started researching Radiation and Rocky Flats, I grew up near 80th and Simms (lived there my entire childhood). My entire family has been affected with cancer. My father died of cancer, my mother and I both have thyroid cancer, my sister’s thyroid is enlarged and has an immune disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). My mom talked to two of her doctors after I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and they said this is not a coincidence, you have been exposed to radiation and it is not genetic. One even asked where she lived, which is what spurred my research into Rocky Flats. Almost every single family that we know in the neighborhood has been affected by the contamination, (cancer, immune disorders, thyroid issues, fertility problems, etc...) and yet there is nobody there to help us. I am thoroughly disgusted on what I have found out about Rocky Flats and how it has been handled, the more research that I am doing the angrier I get. How is it that our government can allow anyone to get away with such negligence how is it possible? It is all so disheartening. We were lied to our entire lives, we were told its safe, you have nothing to worry about and all the while we were being contaminated, and that contamination is still being allowed, for goodness sakes they want to allow children onto the site and call it a wildlife refuge, how sickening is that?


Thanks for remembering this story and those involved (5-part interview with Agent Lipsky here: Most have probably forgotten how that led to heavy metals and radionuclides in our lakes to pacify the big polluters.

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