Rush Limbaugh made mistake but he's still a hero after "slut" controversy, senator says

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Greg Brophy.
Denver blog posts fight the good fight.

Colorado Pols shares Senator Greg Brophy's tweets about the college student Rush Limbaugh dubbed a slut, including one that calls him a hero and an icon.

The Independence Institute's Jon Caldara: It's time to sink or swim.

Mile High Hockey's Mike offers the anatomy of a goal. Or should we say GOOOOAAAALLLL!

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 I would hardly call his discourse of calling a non-public figure aslut and a prostitute a "mistake". The next day he asked her to filmherself having sex and send him videos. That was not a "mistake".Repeated attacks are not a slip of the tongue. It was weird and embarrassing toeveryone but Rush.


I think referring to his bitter and inappropriatename-calling as a mistake minimizes his ugly attack.


at the same time these women spend 95& of their political energy fighting for their fetus and their sex life, but do they ever fight against war overseas on the war on drugs with this same zeal?

They will watch their brothers and sisters rot in prison over marijuana or die in Iraq but they won't put an end to those wars above fighting for contraception in order of precedence?


Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Limbaugh is one of the foulest hypocrites to walk the Earth.  If Senator Brophy describes him as a "hero", he only lowers himself in the estimation of people of consciense -- shame! 



What are you, 8?

This is a human health issue, you moron. Limbaugh was simply advocating for the insurance industry, and he got completely carried away. He launched a sustained, 3 day long attack on a third year law student that testified before the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee. Her testimony was courageous, and she wasn't even talking about herself, but rather recounting horror stories of women without health insurance coverage. He was nasty and vile, he used epithets, and exposed himself as a pervert.

He is the head of the rethuglicon party, its' kingmaker, its' rudder and sail.

Brophy is nothing more than a bit player, that thinks he can get the fat slob's attention by piling on this woman.

And you are an idiot.

"These women.....................".

Grow up, asshole.

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