Supreme Court doesn't have to use Commerce Clause to end Obamacare, says Jon Caldara

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Jon Caldara.
Denver blog posts want you to want them.

The Colorado Independent's John Tomasic chats with Jon Caldara about two "game-changing" Obamacare briefs the Independence Institute has filed with the Supreme Court.

The Grazing Mind's Jarod Ballentine presents a Trinder Farms tour.

South Stands Denver's Colin D marvels at Peyton Manning's throwing form in new pics. But he loves Tim Tebow, too.

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Personally, I'm looking forward to having health insurance again since I haven't had it for years.  But, if I am still unable to afford the lower premiums, fining me won't motivate me further since I would not be able to afford that either.  Of course, I am assuming that the fine would be greater then the premium.  Usually the fine for not having something is higher than the cost of the thing which is why fines usually work as a motivator.  But, in this case I'd be screwed.

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