Tim Tebow's fate to be determined on 3-16? Ask Peyton Manning

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Tim Tebow.
It's 3-16 -- digits more closely linked to Tim Tebow than No. 15. Back in the day, he daubed them into his eye black as a salute to the Bible verse John 3:16: "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." But Tebow's eternal quest to be the Broncos' starting QB is in jeopardy due to the team's pursuit of Peyton Manning. Will today mark the date when Tebow is saved?

The twists and turns in this story can be tracked via tweets from ESPN's Adam Schefter. After Manning's visit to Nashville, where he parked in Taylor Swift's hangar (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) and met with the Titans braintrust, Schefter tweeted about one of the many attempts to coax him to Tennessee:

Then came word of another flight for the media to track:

Schefter then added more detail in a second tweet on the topic....

....and a third....

Positive news for the pro-Manning crowd in Denver, right? But Schefter tempered enthusiasm with news about a dark horse in this race:

He reinforced this message a few minutes later:

The 49ers info throws another complication into a story that's been plenty complicated already. After all, San Francisco had been widely reported to have lacked the desperation of other teams in the Peyton sweepstakes and had already bowed out. Does their return to the limelight constitute the sort of miracle for which Tebow lovers in Colorado have been praying? Dunno -- but this Schefter retweet brings up today's significance:


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I'm inclined to believe you. I know the previous owner and organization of the Jag's had passed on Tebow at the 10 pick in the 2010 draft, going for Tyson Alualu, who has started for them at DT since his first NFL game   Times have changed in Jacksonville. Wayne Weaver, who called a pick for Tebow  "An invitation to a needless circus" sold his team to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. Former head coach Jack Del Rio, along with GM Gene Smith, avoided the problems Denver brought on themselves by avoiding Tebow and picking a long shot in Alualu, Now, Del Rio has to coach a Denver defense complimented by an offense that doesn't punt after 3 plays 21% of the time. That means with Tebow, the defense takes the field 3 plays after coming off 4 out of every 5 possessions. Meanwhile, Khan and Mike Mularkey seem to be overriding Smith, possibly being interested in Tebow.  But if they trade a 4th or fifth to Denver, or better yet, sign Tebow as a free agent should Denver cut him, the 2010 Draft would look gangbusters in hindsight for them. The building's looking to get rid of this headache, and I can't blame them. And the "Tebow Project" has less hilarity and the accompanying loss of organizational credibility if the kid comes in as a trade for a 4th round pick. I don't know how long Manning could play effectively here, but I do know how the team improved jaw droppingly in '72 when Charley Johnson signed. Same in '77 with Morton. 3 years is an eternity in that league. If Manning provides the spark Charley and Craig did, and the Broncos continue the draft success they had in the '11 draft, the sordid mess of Josh McDaniels could fade away relatively quickly. I think Manning will sign with Tennessee or SF, but I'd love to see him try it here. But jettisoning the needless side show and distraction of Tebow on the roster is a must.


I suspect Tebow will be at another team this year no matter what happens.

Really, this isn't about the Broncos signing Manning - what this is about is Elway and Xanders wanting to finally close the book on the whole sordid McDaniels era by unloading Tebow to Jacksonville without incurring the wrath of the fans in the process.


Tim Tebow will be ok no matter the outcome. This has been so overrated.


Love it!  He'll land on his feet no matter what happens.


I agree!!  That being said, makes you wonder why so much crap because the young rest his life in the hands of God.  No wonder this world is in such a mess.  Tebow, no matter where you land, I'll be watching you play.


Kind of like saying "I'm a Tebow fan, not a Bronco fan"..

Got it.

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