Tim Tebow-Peyton Manning memes: Did Mark Sanchez get f*cked by a virgin?

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tebow dream.jpg
Big memes below.
Peyton Manning was barely a Bronco and the ink on Tim Tebow's trade deal to the New York Jets was still wet when the snarky geniuses behind the NFL Memes Facebook page began coming up with hilarious ways to needle everyone involved in the pro-football version of Trading Places. Check out the but-gusting meanness -- or should we say memeness -- below.

1 tmi tebow meme.jpg

2 tim tebow meme.jpg

3 tim tebow memes.jpg
Page down for more Peyton Manning-Tim Tebow memes:

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Grim Reapper
Grim Reapper

New York is such a cess pool.  the only thing in NYC with class is Tim Teabow


grim reapper, you don't seem like you have much to add.

Lack of knowledge, understandably.  We can fix that.

Let's make this clear, NYC provides comfort and homes for the same population as the entire state of Florida multiplied by the number three.  The entire area makes it possible for at least half of those people to never operate a personal motor vehicle.  The entire city is filled with art and history that can be viewed for a fraction of a football ticket price, and that price let's you come back all year.  The real estate and the apartment rental firms are second to none in America, with the most standardized percapita of any world city. 

So when you say cess pool, you mean a heavily industrialized operation that the whole world holds in contempt.  In laymans terms, they are going to look at you funny if you kiss your sister.

You just be glad terrorist don't want to destoy those caves you live in, keep doing nothing since forever!

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