Tim Tebow turns down an invite to be The Bachelor: Scared of hot tubs?

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Tim Tebow.
Lately, Tim Tebow has been rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood crowd, attending the Vanity Fair Oscar party and reportedly going on a dinner date with Taylor Swift. But while he recently signed with the William Morris talent agency, he's just turned down the opportunity to star in a hit TV show: The Bachelor. And he did so by tweet.

Yesterday, as word that he had been invited to headline the ABC reality show began resounding through the blogosphere, Tebow sent the following message:

tim tebow bachelor tweet.jpg
This decision can't surprise anyone. After all, the women who try to win the designated bachelor's hand, heart and other parts often tend toward the unusual: Take Colorado favorite Madison McKinley, vampire girl, who took a bite out of the show in early 2011. And given how assiduously he's protected his famous virginity, it's mighty tough to picture him macking on random babes multiple times per episode, no matter how eagerly he poses for pics like this one (alongside Smash star Katharine McPhee).

Thumbnail image for katherine mcphee tim tebow.jpg
Still, Broncos fans would no doubt have enjoyed the spectacle, since you can bet the contestants would have caught every pass Tebow threw, no matter how wobbly or off-target. If only we could say the same about his receivers.

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