Tim Tebow traded to Jets: There's a lot of temptation in NYC....

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Tim Tebow.
Update: The Tim Tebow to the Jets trade spent only a brief time in limbo yesterday. The Broncos and the Jets eventually agreed to split a $5 million payment required by a contract clause, resulting in The Chosen One's ticket being punched for the Big Apple, and an even brighter spotlight. For more on the deal, continue reading to check out our original post.

Original post, 11:32 a.m. March 21: When Peyton Manning inked with the Broncos, it was only a matter of time before Tim Tebow wound up with a new address.ESPN's Adam Schefter put the facts as simply as possible in this tweet:

Now he's reportedly got one: The Chosen One has been traded to the New York Jets. And the price tag was mighty modest.

But the real story here is how little the Broncos got for the man credited with transforming an abysmal 2011-2012 season into a conference championship and a playoff win against the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers. Denver will reportedly receive two picks from the Jets -- a fourth rounder and a sixth rounder. However, the Broncos are also sending a seventh-round pick to New York along with the other Mr. T.

That's a paltry package considering that the Broncos, under the horrific Josh McDaniels regime, spent a first-round draft pick on Tebow in 2010. However, it's also an indication of how desperately John Elway and company wanted Timmy out of town. Given his off-the-charts star power, he's a walking, talking distraction. Clearly the powers that be want the focus on their freshly signed future Hall of Famer, not a guy who many NFL observers see as a novelty act.

No tweet from No. 15 about the trade thus far. But his brother Peter Tebow, a budding pastor recently profiled in this space, shared a seemingly pointed retweet by Christian author Randy Alcorn on Monday, right around the time the Manning-to-the-Broncos deal went public:

The word "trade" tends to stand out in this tweet, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, the current Jets QB, Mark Sanchez, who's been under fire since his subpar performance this past season, is already hearing it from Twitter Nation. Some examples:

And then there's this from Jimmy Traina, the man who circulated the video that seemed to feature (but really didn't) an Arizona news anchor saying "Fuck!" after the Peyton news broke:

tim tebow and hottie.jpg
Yes, Timmy, there's a lot of temptation in the Big Apple. Staying pure just got a whole lot harder.

Update: One more thing: The news about Tebow broke quickly -- so quickly that at this writing, 9News' home page features an item about Timmy heading to the Jets mighty close to one in which Peyton Manning talks about how happy he is to be the Tebowing master's teammate:

9news tebow trade screen capture.jpg
It could have been a beautiful friendship....

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Tebow Fatigue
Tebow Fatigue

Fuck yeah, Tebow is going to NY. Suck it Caplis!

Donkey Hotay
Donkey Hotay

Send this Pious Prude to one of the Bible-thumping Red States ... like Florida or Arizona.


What a waste ... I'm as excited as any Broncos fan that Manning is coming to town, but disappointed that Elway and Co. not only let the Tebowmaniacs get to him, but couldn't come up with enough imagination, creativity and juevos to harness any of the incredible, unique talent Tebow possessed and find a way to help our team with it.

I keep reading the comments of players, coaches and fans whose closed mindset of "how the NFL works" seems to be that you are a) a starting QB, b) on the bench, or c) a gimmick wildcat player.  That's it.  That's what the most brilliant minds in football can come up with.  Any talent that falls outside that rigid scope must be cleaved... what bullshit.

Through a strange twist of fate, Denver ended up with two of the most insanely (if uniquely) talented players in the NFL in Tebow and Manning. Had the Broncos had the creativity and balls, they had an unheard of opportunity to do something outside the box, something the NFL has never seen and may never again.  I'm not talking some Wildcat gimmick, I'm talking about a complete paradigm shift in how offense works.  Something impossible to pull off without the pairing of two once in a generation talents that happen to perfectly balance out each others' strengths and weaknesses.  A chance to build an offensive scheme for the history books that defenses couldn't begin to prepare for... How the hell do you prepare for Tebow and Manning in the same backfield at the same time? You don't. You just lose.

We'll never know, of course.  Timmy fell victim to the same kind of rigid understanding of "how things are supposed to work" that caused music to stagnate for 200 years until the Jimi Hendrix's of the World began ignoring man-made rules and constraints that told us what music could and couldn't be, and just started frying our brains with music so far out of the box we could never go back. But John Elway isn't a Jimi Hendrix. A great quarterback? Yes.  Innovative? No. He balked at the present the Universe gave him, and shipped Tebow out to opt for the status quo; the safe, tried-and-true pocket QB system, the same one that has remain mostly unchanged for 40 years, and that may work, or not. And despite failing to build anything transcendent, we may win a Super Bowl, or not. And I'll enjoy any Super Bowls we win, Tebow or not.

But man, Jimi Hendrix would have stuck them both back there, pulled some psychedelic plays from out of the cosmos and created something that would have blown our minds and changed football forever.

Bye Tim.  Thanks for what you did for us.  Sorry we couldn't figure you out.


Another indication of troubled times at the Denver Post?  It took them OVER ONE HOUR after it was confirmed to slap it on their website.  Really?  Really?  

Nick Lucchesi
Nick Lucchesi

Thou shalt not covet thy first-string quarterback's arm candy.


"My fellow Coloradans, our long McDaniels nightmare is over."

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Wonder how long it'll take the folks in NYC to get Tebow fatigue. Thanks for the post.



I'm as excited as any Broncos fan that Manning is coming to town, but disappointed that Elway and Co. not only let the Tebowmaniacs get to him, but couldn't come up with enough imagination, creativity and juevos to harness any of the incredible, unique talent Tebow possessed and find a way to help our team with it.

On the contrary - Elway and Xanders made the rational, pragmatic decision to make Tim Tebow Somebody Else's Problem.


 Yeah, I guess you'd have to read the rest of the post to see why Tebow was only a "problem" to those without imagination, creativity, intelligence and balls.


Copy on that. His "legions" made him radioactive.

I never disputed that this guy can play tight end, and I still remember 2 years ago in Oakland when he took off on about 3rd and 18 for a 40 some yard touchdown. I thought right there "Can you imagine this guy on the bubble screen?"

But the word is that this guy has bigger aspirations than football, and was never open to playing any position other than the one that would give him the biggest platform..........quarterback.

You have a great idea, but apparently Tebow was never open to it.

With him, it's quarterback or nothing.

And the way this came down, that makes sense.


I agree with you, mostly, except the part questioning Tebow's work ethic and the part where you said "if he can play THE position."  That's sort of what I was talking about above.  We're so rigid in our belief of what THE position is, that we are unwilling to rethink how the position COULD be played, or even if more than one person could play it at the same time. That's where the out of the box part comes in.

Tebow is a phenomenal talent in many, many ways, though perhaps not in the expected "mold" of our rigid understanding of a pocket quarterback.  But make no mistake, he is talented.  And when you have talent, and those in charge are unable to use it effectively, the blame lies not with the talent, but with the person charged with figuring out how to harness it.  To get rid of Tebow for a 4th round pick (nothing, essentially) is to admit that we can't figure out how to tap into that talent to help our team. That's where the system let Tebow down.

So he can't play QB? And you don't want him at HB? Fine, don't make him a QB or a HB.  Make him a new position.  Now he's the TB.  How does a defense prepare for a TB playing between the HB and the QB?  They don't know.  It's not in their playbook.  I bet it gets us points.

I just can't stand seeing something special leave our team untapped because we couldn't figure out how to use it ... oh yeah, and thanks, crazy-ass Tebowmaniacs.  Your billboards, freaky chanting, harassment of everybody and general cult-like behavior probably did more to seal your boy's fate than anything.  You can love something to death, and you're well on your way.


We'll see.

The Jets will have the opportunity to see what he can do, and despite giving Sanchez an extension, word is the locker room's divided on him.

If Tebow's PR machine can blow up Sanchez like they did Orton, Tebow will be front and center.

If he can play the position, he'll show it in New York. Tony Sporano's the exact guy to bring Tebow's "unusual skills" to bear fruit.

But Elway's a football guy, first, middle and last. Tebow never showed Elway the no nonsense, get after it, football morning, noon and night attitude Elway rightfully expects from his quarterback. Manning has that. There won't be any distractions with this guy, like there was with Tebow. With Manning it's football.

Tebow's a busy guy.

Manning's a quarterback.

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