4/20 at CU-Boulder: Fish fertilizer used on Norlin Quad a favorite of pot growers

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Irony alert: Foul-smelling fish fertilizer of the sort CU-Boulder applied this morning to Norlin Quad, which has been closed as part of a plan to shrink the annual 4/20 event on campus, is a favorite of marijuana growers.

Great minds think alike.

CU-Boulder spokesman Bronson Hilliard, whose comments about the university's 4/20-squelching plan were published earlier today, notes that the media seems fascinated by the substance. "I've probably done more interviews on fish fertilizer than what our police response is," he says.

As such, he's become something of an expert on the substance. "It's made of ocean fish that subsist on a diet of highly organic plankton," he says. "It's a very nutrient-rich fertilizer that we apply to the grounds of CU every spring and early summer. And this year, we simply made the decision to apply the first batch of it on Norlin Quad, for obvious reasons." He adds that "it's not toxic, it's not harmful, it's totally organic, it doesn't have any chemicals in it, and it's not pleasant to breath."

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Photo by Kate Levy
A shot from last year's 4/20 event at CU-Boulder.
William Breathes, our resident medical marijuana critic, offers confirmation. He describes the fertilizer as gooey/gritty/emulsified fish guts that many marijuana growers prize because it's relatively inexpensive and a little of it goes a long way. The only drawback? The smell is so rank that it's capable of making practically anyone flinch.

According to Hilliard (disclosure: a longtime friend), the reek tends to linger for 24 to 48 hours. Nonetheless, the Boulder Daily Camera reports that students were walking across the quad early this morning anyhow -- although not, apparently, at 4:20 a.m. A protest of CU's action slated for that time, which was bandied about on social media over recent days, either failed to materialize or escaped the notice of university reps.

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