Sacha Heppell: Q&A with the man who tried out to be a Broncos cheerleader

WW: What music do you like to dance to?

SH: Well, before I started taking lessons, I was inspired to during my time as a sign spinner for some entertainment company here -- I forgot the name. That was the beginning of me getting my dance calling. I had Madonna playing in my ears with "Like A Prayer," "Express Yourself" and "Holiday," and I just got down. There was something about her I really connected to, and I just danced and let loose on the street corner. I don't work there anymore, but it really got me into dancing. Watching the CNN clip about me, it was a great experience for me to see myself perform. (Laughs.) I think I look funny.

Watch Heppell's tryout performance:

WW: Can you walk us through your tryout experience? How did the other dancers react?

SH: I walk into the stadium and the security guard is there. Her eyes opened wide, like, "Are you here to try out?" She let me into the elevator, I walked up to the studio, and I immediately thought, "These girls are beautiful." Beautiful! Stunning! I took pictures of some of them because I was so impressed. Then I sat down, looked over my application and got my head shot together. I got a ton of looks, but none of them were mean to me, not a single one. I got my number, and I sat down and stretched with the ladies. The girls were so nice to me, and we just started talking. I made a lot of friends. Even the veteran cheerleaders from the past years were there, giving me tips and a lot of encouragement. Everyone really respected each other and had fun.

WW: What was your tryout music?

SH: Do you know that song "International...getting down in New York City...ha eh uh...."?

WW: I don't.

SH: Hmmm, well you should listen to it. That was the song they were playing. They played it over and over. It's called "International" something. I took some dance classes, so I had been training a little bit before this and I was just really focused on getting the moves. They go over it like twice, and after that they're done. I really had to pay attention and get out of my head.

WW: How did your family react?

SH: When I woke up that morning, I wasn't too excited. I was like, "Oh God, what am I going to do?" But I've got to tell you: There was overwhelming support. My parents were kind of laughing, like, "Oh God, there goes my kid," but they understand. As for my friends, I couldn't have done it without them. If you go to my Facebook, you'll see I have fans now. Plus all the kids at the studio are cheering me on. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to be on 9News, and I'm bringing like twenty kids in the studio with me.

WW: What's next for you?

SH: Well, I'm going to practice. Practice, practice, practice. I might even send some of my kids out there. But it's not an easy thing to become a Broncos cheerleader, I have to tell you that.

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