Buford, the one-person Wyoming town, sells for $900,000

Long before Buford -- the tiny Wyoming town with its own zip code but a population of exactly one -- became an international sensation, it was a road-trip must-stop for my family. We'd discovered it one morning when we'd zipped past Cheyenne and realized we might need gas before Laramie. Buford, located between the two towns, was our only option.

The auction was held outside the Buford convenience store and gift "shoppe."
It was only after we pulled off the highway that we spotted the sign pronouncing that the town has a population of one. Beyond that, there was the convenience store, a house, a couple of sheds, a circa 1905 schoolhouse, a shelter holding a collection of post office boxes, a cell tower, some abandoned vehicles and a view of the highway and empty prairie on one side, passing trains, more empty prairie and distant peaks on the other.

We didn't wind up getting gas in Burford (although we did stock up on beef jerky, postcards and other regular road purchases); the cranky clerk refused to give me the 4 percent discount for cash because I had a $100 bill. Today, of course, that denomination would barely fill the tank.

"Now we know why no one else wants to live here," my young niece observed.

Still, we were so perversely charmed by the set-up that we made Buford a regular stop on our summer road trips and collected as much information about the spot as we could. The town was established in 1866 as both a military and railroad outpost, and may -- or may not -- have been the second town in Wyoming. At one point, it may -- or may not -- have had a population of 2,000. It definitely had some great bad souvenirs.

And so when we learned that Don Sammons, who's owned the town for the past twenty years, had decided to sell the ten-acre property at auction -- and the auction of an entire, tiny town had attracted interest from around the globe -- we decided it was time for another road trip.

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