Photos: Urban camping is no picnic for Denver's homeless who sleep outside

Big photos below.
"Urban camping" is an odd phrase that encompasses homeless people sleeping on city streets -- and the subject of this week's feature, "Unhappy Campers." A proposed urban camping ban that's working its way through Denver's city council would ban homeless people from sleeping on 16th Street Mall or any other public area not already off limits. A vote on the measure comes next month. Meanwhile, check out Britt Chester photos that capture the downtown scene on a recent Monday night.

Photos by Britt Chester for Westword.

This man has a drink, but mentioned that his home could not be on the mall tonight.

Benches, doorways, mats and cardboard: These are the beds of so many of Denver's homeless populace.

Comfort is often not the top priority, but sleep still happens.

It gets cold on the mall if you don't have a blanket.
Page down to see more photos of Denver urban campers.


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