Photos: Jamie Moyer, Walt Weiss hit top 10 pro-baseball homes-for-sale list

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walt weiss home small 2.jpg
Big photos below.
This week, Colorado Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer became the oldest Major League Baseball pitcher to win a game. But that's not his only recent claim to fame.

Moyer has also been named to the list of best MLB players' homes for sale by virtue of a spectacular spread in Seattle that can be yours for just $5.35 million. And he's not the only Colorado connection.

The list is topped by former Rockies shortstop Walt Weiss, whose amazing Castle Rock property (a bargain at $3.99 million) includes a full-size baseball diamond next to the main house. Check out photos from them below; the first three pages feature Moyer's place (which ranked seventh on the roster), with the next three showcasing Weiss's.

1 jamie moyer house.jpg

2 jamie moyer house.jpg

3 jamie moyer house.jpg

4 jamie moyer house.jpg

5 jamie moyer house.jpg
Page down to see more photos from Jamie Moyer's home for sale, followed by shots of Walt Weiss's property.

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