Medical marijuana dispensary re-review: Denver Kush Club

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Chemdawg - $25/eighth
Though pickings were slim on my visit, I probably would have gone home with this undeniably sweet and earthy-smelling Chemdawg cut in any case. It was bright green, with a dusty coating of trichomes on the dried buds that dropped like tiny snowflakes to the top of the glass countertop as the budtender rolled out a nug and held it in his fingertips for me to examine. Though I didn't get to inspect any big nuggets, the two-grams-plus of a half-eighth that I got was enough to get an idea of how well done the cut was. Round, fat calyxes and cupped sugar leaves that made me do a double take to check for fat seeds beneath, but nothing but trichomes fell out. Rolling it up in my palm to break up the nug for a spliff left my hand sticky and stinky for the rest of the evening. The herb burned clean, though it was understandably somewhat dry and quick to ash, since it had been taken out of the bottom of the stock jar. Usually an uplifting, energetic and munchies-producing strain regardless of what phenotype, this one packed a punch, with small bowls doing me just right before meals and giving me a coffee-like pep afterward. It's very well priced and very well grown as a $40 eighth, but especially welcome moved to $25 near the end of the jar.

Bruce Banner - $25/eighth
Wrecked. That was my first thought after a few pulls from a vaporizer packed with this delicious sample. Appropriately named after the calmer side of the Incredible Hulk, I originally found this strain only at one other of our first-reviewed shops, Delta 9 Caregivers on Broadway. It has since found its way out to a lot of other growers and shops over the last few years, and thankfully, it ended up at Denver Kush Club. This was not the best sample and clearly from the bottom of the jar; still, these wispy ends were light years better done than crap selling at discount shops for the same $25 price. It also made me want to come back and get first pick of the herb when it's fresh out of curing next round. Though it's a sativa-dominant cross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, I've always found it to be a mental and physical stress-destroyer with an amazingly mentholated Kush aftertaste to zone out and enjoy.

Lamb's Breath BHO - $30/gram
I'm not a Rasta (clearly), but I have a deep love for all things given to us by Jah warriors in the ganja fields of Jamaica, most important this sativa strain and its eye-opening, amazing island sativa. Sure, the name gets tossed around a lot on strains in Jamaica and everywhere else, but this wax was as close to the Red Bull-like sativa rush of the strain as you could want without freaking out, mon. A gram has proven to be a lot to puff, as only small dabs on top of a bowl are needed to either balance out the mellow mood of the Bruce Banner or add a bit of THC to the already powerful Chemdawg. Dropping small chunks on a titanium nail and dome were almost too much to handle after a three-week hiatus from concentrates this past month. Good to see butane concentrates priced at the $30 mark as well.

William Breathes is the pen name of Westword's medical marijuana dispensary critic. Read more of his reviews in our pot blog, Mile Highs and Lows, and keep up with all your marijuana news over at The Latest Word.

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Denver Kush Club

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