Photos: Ten memorable Missed Connections from Denver Craigslist

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missed connections cropped.jpg
Photos below.
Whether you've missed a connection or not, the Missed Connections feature on Denver Craigslist is a fascinating place to visit. The page is filled with a Dickens novel's worth of characters and stories -- true romances, potential romances, doomed romances, dead romances and everything in between. For proof, check out our ten favorites from a day chosen at random last week, illustrated with photos that should help you connect.

10. Behind me in line at Target (Lakewood/Belmar)

9 shopping at target.jpg
Just in case you're thinking of pretending that this post is aimed at you, the author presents a quiz: "I was purchasing one item. We had a conversation about this one item. What was it?"

Cat litter! No, a giant bottle of generic mouthwash! Hang on -- it was....

9. My disambiguate dork

4 sneeze.jpg
This post reads in its entirety: "Would be smart enough to not sneeze into the wind."

Good to know.

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