Photos: Ten memorable Missed Connections from Denver Craigslist

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6. Christy with the dead Yamaha Vino (Broomfield)
pink scooter.jpg
"You were pushing your scooter because it wouldn't start," the post reminds. "Check the kill switch and make sure it is on!"

Being bossy may make your intended hit the kill switch on this relationship....

5. Trout, word-lover, one hot coffee man

7 trout.jpg
"I wrote another poem," announces this person -- and it's a long one. But here's an excerpt:

"Hearing from you, even that youre unable to befriend me , would be a relief from my inner demons.

"Because darlin' Trout,

"I would happily jump...

"Out of my car to say hello,
"Climb up to see the stars,
"Wear my crown of clovers, feed you the last of my stone soup, pet a rescue dog, share "some peaches, drink champagne or iced coffees, bake a cobbler , bend formboard, "laugh with my head thrown back ,
"believe that the third time is the charm, or try to write just
"True poem"

The author concedes that "I never expect you'll read or be moved enough to respond, expect for a possible shrug of your shoulders."

Does a trout have shoulders? Even a darlin' one?

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