Photos: Ten memorable Missed Connections from Denver Craigslist

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2. Goodbye Bird
10 love birds.jpg
"That is not how goodbyes are said," writes our heartbroken poster. "They are said directly. Kindly, lovingly. In 100 words. This is the goodbye you deserve."

And the farewell in question?

"I love...the sound of your voice. your sweet eyes. the way your mouth moves when your tongue rolls over the words you love. the concentrated stillness that you get when you write. the fact that you need conversational foreplay. the way you tilt your head so slightly when you sneak a shy glance. the possessive way you draw me when your hands meet my hips. the imprint of your soul on paper. the way you freeze when I kiss your soft neck. the feel of your presence. the soft sound you make when you stop holding your breath. you.

"Goodbye, sweet bird. Go in peace."

Excuse us while we burst into prolonged sobs.

1. Bye

This post runs the emotional gamut without using a single letter. To whit:

":) :( :|"

That just about covers everything, doesn't it?

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