Photos: Naked woman at Denver International Airport becomes TMZ celeb

woman strips naked dia cropped.jpg
Big pic, video below.
Today, we're aswim in a culture crowded with folks seeking fame. So how the hell did an unknown woman in Denver outstrip Khloe Kardashian and Beyonce to become the subject of the most viewed item on TMZ? By stripping at Denver International Airport.

Yep, a woman reportedly gave DIA security an easy way to make sure she didn't have any contraband on her person, peeling off all her clothes in full view of other passengers.

Here's a look at Fox31's reproduction of a shot that TMZ is said to have paid $3,000 for exclusive rights -- although it's appeared in plenty of other places by now.

naked denver airport woman.jpg
Courtesy of TMZ
And here's another angle from 7News, with blurs added to the strategically placed bars, presumably for our protection. Note the WTF expression worn by the security guard nearest her.

naked woman dia 7news.jpg
Courtesy of 7News
Why did the woman go so far beyond removing her shoes and belt? According to a Fox31 story on view below, she was apparently unhappy at being told to extinguish a cigarette -- after which she began disrobing. And she didn't stop until the job was done.

Her display caused quite a stir, says a witness represented in the Fox31 clip by closeups of his Crocs -- really. He tells the station parents were shielding their children's eyes from her feminine pulchritude.

Kids grow up so fast these days.

No charges are anticipated against the woman, who was taken to Denver Health for a mental health evaluation. Meanwhile, Fox31 reporter Justin Joseph reveals that there's a video of the incident, for which TMZ is apparently thinking about shelling out $10,000. Eat your heart out, Khloe and Beyonce.

Here's the Fox31 report.

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