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Interested in reacquainting yourself with the weird side of Denver? Spend some time on Denver Craigslist, where strangeness is on view every single day -- and it can be yours for a bargain price!

Below, eyeball the ten most unusual posts we found during a recent tour of the site's offerings. They're not all items for sale, but each of them is worth its weight in odd.

10. John Elway, Please Buy Back My TIM TEBOW Jersey -- WTF, $100

Manning Press Confrence 3.20th-26.jpg
No, this Broncos fan isn't trying to sell his Tim Tebow jersey. He wants John Elway to compensate him for it. He writes: "John Elway please buy back my TIM TEBOW jersey. WTF. Reebok, Nike and whoever else needs [to] sell a Jersey with Velcro name/number so that we can change without breaking the bank. Unlike the top 1% I can not throw money away when trying to SUPPORT MY CITY & MY TEAM. Please ADVISE!!!!"

The ball's in your court, Big John.

9. Meteorite, $150

catching meteorite.jpg
Although this item is presumably a meteorite, the seller isn't absolutely positive. "I have what I believe to be a meteorite," he writes. His evidence? "It is magnetic, very strange looking."

No photos are included, but the "meteorite" is listed as being "2/12 inches by 2/12 inches." Does that mean it's two-and-a-half inches square, a sixth of an inch square or between two and twelve inches square? That's another one of the solar system's great mysteries....

Page down to continue reading our list of the ten weirdest posts on Denver Craigslist.

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Alissa Smalls
Alissa Smalls

I think they need to make the size of the black whizzinator a little bigger...only if you want it to be convincing.

Alison Burton
Alison Burton

This magazine is free and for entertainment. Calm down Aaron.

Steve At Work
Steve At Work

I can think of few things more disgusting that a whizinator except maybe a used whizinator.


Wait...when and where is Radiohead at?  O.o

Aaron LeForce
Aaron LeForce

of all the things going on in the damn world, a whizzinator is what your damn writers decide to write about? westword writers need to stop worrying about how their damn hipster moustache is styled and learn to be a fucking journalist.

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