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Big photos below.
It's tattoo week at Westword. Thus far, we've featured a gallery of our favorite Colorado flag tattoos and a tribute to inked-up Nugget Chris "Birdman" Andersen, who's currently in the doghouse. Today, in honor of this evening's kickoff to the NFL draft, we bring you the ten most unusual Broncos tattoos we found on the Internetz.

Do they spark laughter or envy? We leave it to you to decide -- although at least one is a no-doubter....

10. Demon Horse

2 broncos tattoos demon horses.jpg
Bet the Blue Mustang at DIA is jealous.

9. A Brian Dawkins tribute?

3 broncos tattoos horse brian dawkins louis wright.jpg
Extra points for putting the just-retired Dawkins's number on this steed.

Page down to continue our top ten most unusual Broncos tattoos countdown.

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Jay Cismaru
Jay Cismaru

For a guy to put a picture of lways face on his body is just straight up gay

Davene Arellano
Davene Arellano

Tonie Florez let Bryan Schneider know when you are ready for the elway one Hahahahaha

Jay Mesa
Jay Mesa

I'm in for the Manning centaur.

John Mccall
John Mccall

\U0001f44e\U0001f44e\U0001f44escrew tattoos. They're a passing fad!!!

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