Top ten fashion mistakes when a cold snap follows a heat wave

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A rainy/snowy day immediately following a run of seventies and eighties can be a shock to the system, and to the wardrobe. After all, there are two ways to go wrong -- either by ignoring the weather and acting as if it's already summer or by dressing like the temp's in the single digits. With that in mind, we've created this top ten list of fashion mistakes on a day like this. Did someone in your office make one of them? Check out our picks below.

winter scarf.jpg
10. Knit scarf, mittens and hat.
Yes, they're cute, and they even look stylish in the middle of a blizzard. Which this isn't.

summer dress.jpg
9. Summer dress.
We know you just put away your winter clothes. But they're not so far back in the closet you can't get to them anymore, are they?

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