Photos: Top ten Texts From Last Night out of the 303

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texts from last night toilet small.jpg
Big photos below.
We first celebrated Texts From Last Night way back in 2009 -- and the fact that the website's still around is an indication of how funny it still is. Below, we've collected our ten favorite recent texts from the 303 area code, paired with photos intended to help set the (consistently bizarre) scenes.

Count down the weirdness below.

10. Making a deposit.

atm stock photo.jpg

texts from last night atm.jpg

9. Shaken and stirred.

bartender photo.jpg

texts from last night bartender.jpg
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Denver's 8th Avenue Crime Fighters
Denver's 8th Avenue Crime Fighters

No.. but DEATH THREATS from CRIMIGRANTS as follows and NEGLECTED BY THE CORRUPT ARIZONA GOVERNMENT and PINAL SHERIFF! Watching you as we speak..I am gonna tie you to an antique mattress. Cut your limbs off and sell them on the black market! This HAPPENED less than 24 hours before and I was 1 hour away from THE TUCSON MASS SHOOTING!

Josh Moore
Josh Moore

Who picks these? I've seen WAY better from the 303.

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