Voices of Refugees: Three refugees to tell their stories at DU event

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An ethnic Nepali, Sher Mizer fled the violence of his country, Bhutan, when he was twelve years old. His family ended up in a refugee camp, where a tarp and some bamboo became their home. Mizer yearned for education, and thanks to a scholarship, he was able to study in India. Eighteen years after arriving at the refugee camp, his family came to Colorado. He and two other refugees will tell their stories tomorrow at an event called "Voices of Refugees."

The event is sponsored by the African Community Center, one of Denver's refugee resettlement agencies. It will be held tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the University of Denver's Sturm Hall and will be preceded at 6 p.m. by an exhibit featuring ten refugees photographed with the most important object they brought to Colorado.

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We caught up with Erin Martin, the outreach coordinator at the African Community Center, who told us a bit about the three speakers: Mizer of Bhutan, who writes beautiful poetry; Nana Mwajuma, a preschool teacher from the Congo; and Héctor Salazar Gómez, the first Mexican political asylee in Colorado. These are their stories:

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