Man selling motorcycle on Craigslist to pay for wife's boob job

craigslist goldwing cropped.jpg
Full ad below.
Love is strange -- a fact proven each and every day on Craigslist.

We recently shared our list of the ten most memorable Denver Missed Connections on the site. But here's a different kind of connection -- one involving silicone. Yep: In a recently posted ad, a local man says he's selling his 1994 Goldwing motorcycle to pay for his wife to get a boob job.

Here's a screen capture of the ad.

craigslist goldwing.jpg
Note that the ad claims the woman in the equation is the one most desirous of a fuller figure ("My wife wants a boob job") and implies that her hubby is somewhat reluctantly going along ("I have offered to sacrifice...."). But I'm thinking he's going to get something out of this deal, too.

Make that a couple of somethings.

If you're interested in making this couple's dream come true, click to access the ad. We're just trying to help.

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