Civil unions bill: Pat Steadman calls measure's killing a disgusting spectacle

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Last night, House GOP leadership killed a civil unions bill sponsored by Senator Pat Steadman by preventing a procedural vote that would have brought it to the chamber's floor today.

Steadman was severely disappointed by this manner of murder, which also prevented the passage of many other bills. But he's definitely not in the market for any white flags.

In the post linked above, Jace Woodrum, deputy executive director of One Colorado and a vocal supporter of the civil unions proposal, officially known as Senate Bill 2, called the process that killed the legislation "unprecedented." Steadman isn't willing to go quite that far.

"The general assembly has been in business for over 130 years now," he points out. "So I'm sure there have been other equally disgusting spectacles in the past -- but none in recent memory."

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Photo by Ladd Bosworth
Jace Woodrum at yesterday's pro-civil unions bill rally.
Indeed, he marvels at the extremes to which House leaders went to squelch the measure, in apparent disregard of negative repercussions. "Thinking you can stop a speeding locomotive by throwing your body in front of it usually just leaves a mess on your hands," he allows.

On the same day the Colorado bill died, voters in North Carolina passed a constitutional amendment that bans both gay marriage and civil unions. Nonetheless, Steadman continues to believe that "momentum is clearly on our side.

"We have a constitutional ban on marriage equality, too," he goes on, referencing Amendment 43, the so-called Definition of Marriage Act, which passed in 2006. "But the proponents of that measure specifically chose not to go the route of what happened in North Carolina last night.

"They left open the possibility of other forms of recognition, including civil unions. They acknowledged that during the campaign six years ago, and that's the reason why the general assembly was able and seemingly willing to adopt legislation like Senate Bill 2, but for the extreme machinations of a limited few who unfortunately had the power to thwart the democratic process and stop this from happening."

Page down to continue reading our interview with Senator Pat Steadman.

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