Civil unions: Catholics, conservatives rally to celebrate bill's defeat

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At noon, a day after Republican lawmakers defeated a bill to legalize civil unions in a special legislative session, conservatives rallied on the steps of the Capitol building. The event had been planned days in advance, but due to the demise of civil unions, the tone was celebratory. House Speaker Frank McNulty, who civil union supporters vilified for assigning the bill to his so-called "kill committee," was treated like a rock star.

"We thought the fight was over in 2006," McNulty said to the crowd of a couple hundred people, some holding signs that read "Marriage = One Man + One Woman." He was referring to the passage of Amendment 43, which amended the state constitution to read that marriage is between a man and a woman. McNulty continued, "We were wrong."

As he spoke, a man in a tie-dyed shirt blew an air horn to interrupt him. The man was holding a giant sign with a rainbow-colored border that said, "When Do We Get To Vote On Your Marriage?" As the crowd began to grumble, a man who'd been standing on the Capitol steps descended from his position and walked over to the protester. He stood opposite him, holding his own sign. On top, he'd drawn a sperm with an arrow to an egg and written the word "Natural" underneath. On bottom, he'd drawn a sperm with an arrow to a pile of feces (which he spelled "faeces") and written "Un Natural Sodomy."

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Melanie Asmar
The man holding the big sign blew an air horn to interrupt the speakers.

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Melanie Asmar
This man descended from the Capitol steps to stand in front of the man above.
Yet another man interrupted by shouting questions: "Does it feel good to hate?"

McNulty didn't respond, though he did comment that everyone is entitled to free speech. Instead, he encouraged the crowd to scream and cheer to "let Governor Hickenlooper know that family matters and traditional marriage matters!" The crowd erupted.

Click through to read comments from other rally speakers.

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