Bizarre classroom posters from the '70s, Part 4: School's out!

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classroom posters 4 cropped.jpg
Big posters below.
The school year's ending for lotsa students -- and so is our salute to bizarre classroom posters from the '70s. Our first batch of rare finds featured captions, while our second and third groupings didn't, so we came up with our own.

Ditto in regard to our fourth showcase of these alternately beautiful and strange images -- the final ones in our collection. Enjoy them one last time.

"These steroids make me feel great!"

1 75 discussion posters.jpg
"Why am I sitting here listening to this crap when I'm in my sexual prime?"

"When I grow up, I'm wearing a thong."

"This is how I'm going to make it on Wall Street, bitch!"

"Pass another note, Jimmy, and I'll stop coming to school in my pink bathrobe."
Page down to see more from our final collection (we think) of bizarre classroom posters from the '70s.

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