Reader: Denver may not be perfect, but it's got mountains -- and plenty of hot chicks

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Back in January 2011, in the wake of our "50 reasons we're glad we live in Denver and not the United States" post, we shared a Comment of the Day from a reader who declared the Mile High City boring and lacking in culture. The latter item has continued to collect responses for a year-plus, including this new one defending Denver on a number of fronts -- including its population of babes.

Johnnyalias writes:

People, no city is perfect. Portlands weather sucks. NYC and SF are insanely expensive. LAs traffic is tricking brutal. Miami is full of crime and douchebags. Dallas is hot, flat, with a never ending supply of bigoted rednecks.

It's easy to complain and yes the grass is always greener. I should know. I used to move from place to place thinking the next would be better. Seattle, Santa Barbara, London.

I can afford to buy a nice house here. It's clean. It's sunny. The mountains are gorgeous. It lacks culture? We have loads of art galleries, the second biggest performing arts complex next to the Met in NYC (though I'm betting 90% of these posters have never been to an opera or musical) and more high class restaurants than you could hope to eat at.

Having trouble meeting people? Get a hobby that doesn't involve sitting at home or going to bars. Live closer to downtown than I the suburbs.

This city isn't perfect. None are. Good luck moving to the next one I'm sure you'll find another excuse to hate.

Oh and believe me, we have hot chicks. An ex Hawaii tropic model was in my bed the other night. Get off your fat ass and go work out.

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