Jon Christopher Baker's alleged child porn stash: 30,000 photos, 1,400 videos

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jon christopher baker mug shot cropped.jpg
Big photo below.
A lot of us have hard drives crammed to bursting with photos and videos. But even by those standards, Jon Christopher Baker's array of images stands out. One computer apparently stored 30,000 photos and 1,400 videos.

Oh yeah: The collection allegedly consisted of child pornography.

Baker, who faces federal counts of child pornography possession and distribution, has been down this road before. He's listed on the Colorado Sex Offender Registry due to a 1998 conviction for sexual exploitation of a child -- a bust that took place in Colorado Springs. And according to the U.S. Attorney's Office, which charged Baker last week, he has been under investigation in Denver for pretty much the same thing. His actions allegedly took place while he was working as (wait for it) a babysitter.

The feds began to focus on Baker this past February, when an FBI agent in Maryland stumbled upon 99.7 gigabytes worth of child porn stuffed into two folders on a peer-to-peer file-sharing website and traced the IP address to one Jon C. Baker.

The Maryland agent passed along this info and more to a colleague in Denver, whose online chats with Baker provided justification for a search warrant executed in late April at his apartment. There, authorities found a computer and separate hard drive with the aforementioned 30,000 images and 1,400 videos.

If found guilty, Baker could go away for a long time. Child-porn possession and distribution convictions can result in sentences of up to ten years and twenty years, respectively, as well as $250,000 fines in both instances. And for folks who've been convicted of what the U.S. Attorney's Office terms "similar conduct," the potential maximum sentences double.

That's enough to put a crimp in anyone's collection. Here's a larger photo of Baker:

jon christopher baker mug shot.jpg
Jon Christopher Baker.
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