Medical marijuana dispensary review: The Dandelion in Boulder

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For being so out in the open, the Dandelion, located in Boulder, is relatively low-key.

No neon green paint on the walls or massive pot leaves on its signs. Instead, the shop fits well with its funky off-Pearl Street surroundings.

The Dandelion

845 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 459-4676

Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.
Online menu: Yes.
Other types of medicine: Edibles, keif, hash oil.
Handicap accessible? Yes.

The shop is next door to the funky Nepali/Tibetan restaurant Sherpa's, itself a quaint house-turned-business along a stretch of Walnut; it's painted blue and white and adorned with Tibetan flags. In comparison, Dandelion's small green cross, unassuming sign and scattering of wind chimes and chairs out on the old front porch don't really stand out much at all.
Glass selection.
Which is nice. Walking in off the street doesn't seem to garner any "They're going to buy some weed" stares from passersby. Of course, that could just be ganja-tolerant Boulder in general (recent 4/20 events aside). But the shop feels like it's at home in the community.

The old traffic-worn wood floor of the stucco-coated house creaks a bit when you walk in, signaling your arrival. To the right is a receptionist desk where a friendly blond woman was sitting clicking around on a computer. I handed over my red card and ID to be copied and ambled around what must have formerly been the den back when the building was someone's house.

A nice multi-component stereo is set up along the back wall in between two three-foot-tall purple geodes, and bookshelves house cannabis-related books and magazines. I didn't have time to sit down and check out much more, as I was the only person in, and before I knew it, the receptionist was sending me to the bud bar in the back of the shop.

My budtender met me halfway in what I guess was the old dining room; it's now a space devoted to a second patient lounge on one side and glass pipe sales on the other. Nothing spectacular in the glass cases, but a sign says everything is made locally, and small spoon pipes were reasonably priced at $20 or less.

The bud bar is a simple, clean space with a few landscape paintings on the beige walls and antique-style wooden and glass countertops. My budtender was probably in his mid-thirties. He was friendly but got down to business quickly without giving me the usual first-timer rundown of everything in stock. Just a quick "So what are you looking for?"

Bud bar.
Herb is kept in heavy glass jars on a shelf behind one of the display counters. Inside the counter were jars full of pre-rolled cones as well as a wide range of medical goodies, from edibles to discounted bags of flowers.

My budtender pulled down the jars one by one, showing me a range of the roughly fifteen strains. Most impressive were the chunky, sweet-smelling Blue Dream, sweet-tarty Chemdawg coated in trichomes, and several drool-inducing ounces of 303 Kush. Other strains, like the thin-but-stinky Golden Goat, were solid buys at $30. The only thing that seemed off was the Jack Flash; it smelled and looked way more like Tangerine Haze than any Jack Flash I've ever come across.

As for hash, the shop carried a wide range of strain-specific butane oils made in-house using flowers from Dandelion's garden. But after last week, I was somewhat gun shy about checking out any BHO. The oil at Dandelion didn't look bad, but it had a more gooey, liquid look to it as opposed to the waxy consistency I look for -- so I didn't end up bringing any home with me this week.

But surprisingly, the guy wouldn't split an eighth for me -- even with herb on the same pricing tier. Nothing is pre-weighed: Staffers just apparently don't want to spend the extra minute weighing out a second strain for you in person. I mean, it's his shop and his prerogative. But you're going to be stuck paying, on average, $3 more per gram for a half-eighth. On the plus side, though, herb is capped at $40 an eighth, and most strains ran around $30.

Page down for pictures and reviews of the meds that William brought home this week.

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Native Roots Dandelion

845 Walnut St., Boulder, CO

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The Dandelion, once in it's prime in 2012 and 2013, has since become the worst customer service dispensary in all of Boulder. You want to buy weed from somebody who doesn't smoke and takes 20 minutes to bag up an ounce? This is your dispensary, it may be cheap but prepare to wait at least 30 if not more and don't expect that to make your service any better because if anything it makes it worse because the employees are too inexperienced to handle a rush. If you want a dispensary with good service and no wait and good prices go to trill alternatives.

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