Medical marijuana dispensary review: The Dandelion in Boulder

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303 Kush: $40/eighth
Lots of long, slender trichomes under a scope -- most with translucent white heads and a few missing trichome heads. Not as punch-you-in-the-nose strong as samples from the strain's original local breeder, Hill Billy, but still a pleasantly earthy aroma when pinched. Broken up, it let out a stronger Chem-like citrus blast that stuck with my fingers for a few minutes after. The flower burned with qualities similar to the taste -- OG-like earthy-richness with hints of a delicious Lemon Pledge zest through the first few hits. It wasn't overpoweringly good, but it was strong enough to leave the flavor lingering for a few minutes after the bowl kicked. Potency was certainly there, although the high was very spacey and sativa-like, with not as much of the weighty Kush effects I get from other OG crosses.


Golden Goat: $3/joint, $30/eighth
This is where the reviewing became difficult. Sure, I saw the Golden Goat in the store -- and, yes, it had the familiar orange-wispy appearance with long, slender pistils. Not the best sample of Golden Goat by most assessments, but decent nonetheless. At $10 a gram, I probably could have come home with an actual bud. But something about having to pay the per-gram price if I wanted any less than a four-gram "eighth" bothered me, even if it is a $3 difference. So instead, I opted for the pre-rolled joints. Now, there's no doubt I was getting lesser-quality buds than what I would have bought off the shelf, but I was surprised to find that the Golden Goat spliff I brought back wasn't filled completely with trim. What came out looked like ground bud worth putting in a pipe, which is exactly what I did after ripping open the pre-fabricated paper cone.
The smell of this strain is unique, and I can't quite pin down what exactly it reminds me of. This week, I'm going with Wrigley's spearmint meets #2 pencil shavings. And yes, it retained a lot of strain smell despite being rolled up in paper for a week. Overall, it was more dull than I expected on the taste as well as the buzz. No surprise, as pre-ground herb tends to lose kief in the process. But it burned to a clean white ash, and the $3 I spent packed about five bowls -- pretty much the same as I would get from a $10 gram.


Blue Dream (pre-rolled buds): $3/joint, $30/eighth
Breaking down the joint and letting the herb sit in a sealed clean jar overnight brought out the lovely lavender smell to the shake. Unfortunately, it didn't come through very well in the taste. What was left of the sweet flavor was overpowered by the leaf material, and the bowl burned harsh with a thick smoke as a result. Definitely Blue Dream, though, coming on with a wave of tension relief over my entire body within the first five minutes and plateauing to a manageable head and body high for a good hour and a half. Decent for my nausea as well, curbing an early-morning sour stomach while easing the stress that often accompanies my ailment.

William Breathes is the pot pen-name for Westword's medical marijuana dispensary critic. Read more of his reviews in our marijuana blog, Mile Highs and Lows, and keep up with all your ganja news over at The Latest Word.

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Native Roots Dandelion

845 Walnut St., Boulder, CO

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The Dandelion, once in it's prime in 2012 and 2013, has since become the worst customer service dispensary in all of Boulder. You want to buy weed from somebody who doesn't smoke and takes 20 minutes to bag up an ounce? This is your dispensary, it may be cheap but prepare to wait at least 30 if not more and don't expect that to make your service any better because if anything it makes it worse because the employees are too inexperienced to handle a rush. If you want a dispensary with good service and no wait and good prices go to trill alternatives.

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