Michael Vidal, three others busted for breaking and entering business -- with a car

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michael vidal facebook cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
In most instances, breaking and entering involves a thief smashing a window or kicking in a door. But Michael Vidal and three compatriots are accused of taking B&E to the next level -- by gaining access to a building into an exterior wall with a stolen car and taking loot through the hole. And Colorado Springs cops suspect they may have done it more than once.

As KRDO-TV notes, there have been a string of similar burglaries in the Springs of late, sometimes complete with surveillance video showing the scofflaws making their entrance in a big way.

colorado springs pawn shop robbery.jpg
Acme Pawn; note the patched-up hole on the left.
At 11:05 p.m. on Wednesday, officers received another call on theme, prompted by an alarm triggered at Acme Pawn, on the 3900 block of North Academy Boulevard. When they arrived, they found a large, vehicle-size hole in the wall, plus some stolen property: KRDO describes it as electronics, jewelry and, maybe, some weapons. But they also found something else -- a clue that led them to a nearby apartment.

What was it? Did one of the scofflaws drop a wallet? At this point, the cops aren't saying. But at the apartment, they claim to have discovered the evidentiary motherlode: goods from Acme and other burglaries, plus the vehicle they believe was used to make an opening in Acme. It showed signs of serious damage -- and when contacted, its owner had no clue that it had been used as a battering ram.

Accused of the Acme burglary are one juvenile who hasn't been identified and a trio in their late teens or early twenties: Brandon Jay, Kodiak Gonzalez and Michael Vidal. The latter is described on his Facebook page as being a Tampa, Florida native who went to Rampart High in the Springs in 2010 before landing a job at a Dunkin' Donuts. Here's a photo from the page:

michael vidal facebook 2.jpg
It's a much nicer pic than his mug shots, seen below along with those of Gonzalez. Also on view -- a KKTV clip from an earlier burglary. At this writing, we have no word of charges in additional crimes, but the CSPD stresses that the investigation is continuing.

kodiak gonzalez mug shots.jpg
Kodiak Gonzalez.

michael vidal mug shots.jpg
Michael Vidal.

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