Ten unsolved Denver murders: Read personal stories of the victims

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1996: Jodi Carrigg, 1996
jodi carrigg.jpg
Jodi Carrigg.
Jodi Lynn Carrigg, 36, was raised in the Denver Metro area, graduated from Heritage High, married twice. A poet, she loved plants, animals and small children.

She finally learned she suffered from bipolar disorder and began therapy. Officially homeless, she sought and received a Pell Grant to go into veterinary training.

"Jodi did a great job taking care of herself," recalled her mom, Nancy Carrigg. Women in groups liked her. She could get them laughing.

On June 9, 1996, she was strangled by an acquaintance who stuffed her body in a hotel closet with a mattress and set fire to it. He was not tried for her murder but is serving time for another. The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless dedicated a day to her memory during a conference.

1994: Jacqueline Gallegos

jacqueline gallegos.jpg
Jacqueline Gallegos.
Jacqueline Collette Gallegos, 28, graduated from Great Bend (KS) High school. Next to the oldest of seven children, she loved music, dancing and being with friends. Jackie liked to write poetry and was a fantastic artist drawing caricatures and animals. She was the devoted mother of five children: Anthony, Luis, Robert, Monique and Lorena. Jackie was outgoing and would "take in the underdog anytime," according to her mother, Linda Atz. On July 12, 1994, Jackie was visiting at a friend's home when, according to a witness, intruders posing as federal agents forced their way into the house. Jackie was bound, raped and sodomized; they cut her throat and stabbed her over 30 times. Another person was also killed but the one they were apparently after survived. No one has ever been apprehended for this crime.

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